WNRP Episode 13 – Blaine Lee Pardoe

So episode 13 happened! For the past couple of years Blaine and I have found each other at Gencon and have had great conversations about Battletech. At Gencon this year I asked Blaine if he would be open to talking about Battletech on the podcast.
This was a blast and thank you Blaine, looking forward to the next conversation.


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WNRP Ep. 10: New Battletech

With the huge success of the Kickstarter, over $1 million so far, we discuss the motivations, future outlook, and road ahead for Battletech. Also Gen con, 350pt tournament format, and an update on the Regiment Mission Status.

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Gencon Cadet Program – Filled

So I am excited. Our event at Gencon filled the first day. I know we are going to have fun again this year.

For those that were not able to sign up and haven’t filled that time stop by and say Hello! If we have a no-show, we need all 12 spots filled so you could get lucky!

Roll the dice and hope for box cars!

Alpha Strike Point Adjustment

So the Alpha Strike point adjustment is live. Checking the published lists I have on this site, I can see I need to go back and re-calculate. For instance the Jenner JR7-D went from 20 to 26 points. I am planning on re-publishing the units with updated points and hopefully some paint!


It has come to my attention that we have a Mission. Mission22.com is bringing awareness about a serious mental health condition that is plaguing our Veterans. Simply put:


While there is not much we can directly do to solve this we can help raise awareness. For instance our family has taken a pledge to do 22 push-ups for 22 days. We had a discussion with our children about Veterans and what they have had to go through. My father is a Veteran and I have many friends who are Veterans. We have many players in our Battletech group that are Veterans. I am proud of each and every one of them. Even those that don’t suffer from this condition need to know that we acknowledge their sacrifices for us and our Country. Please re-post and raise awareness about something that people are silent about. Let us help end this silent killer #Mission22.com