Alpha Strike Point Adjustment

So the Alpha Strike point adjustment is live. Checking the published lists I have on this site, I can see I need to go back and re-calculate. For instance the Jenner JR7-D went from 20 to 26 points. I am planning on re-publishing the units with updated points and hopefully some paint!

It has come to my attention that we have a Mission. is bringing awareness about a serious mental health condition that is plaguing our Veterans. Simply put:


While there is not much we can directly do to solve this we can help raise awareness. For instance our family has taken a pledge to do 22 push-ups for 22 days. We had a discussion with our children about Veterans and what they have had to go through. My father is a Veteran and I have many friends who are Veterans. We have many players in our Battletech group that are Veterans. I am proud of each and every one of them. Even those that don’t suffer from this condition need to know that we acknowledge their sacrifices for us and our Country. Please re-post and raise awareness about something that people are silent about. Let us help end this silent killer


A Special Day, both Fictional and Real World…

Today is a special day, in gaming and real world alike.  In the US, today is Veterans Day. Today is a day set aside for us to recognize and appreciate all the men and women who have served, are currently serving, and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

To each and every one of you, and their families, I want to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to you.  Without your service and sacrifice, we would not be the country or have the freedoms we have today. Simply, thank you.

As this is also a site dedicated to Wolf’s Dragoons, I would be remiss to not note the significance to them as well. Today is Resolution Day, on this day the Wolf’s Dragoons decided that they would turn their backs on their Clan heritage and go their own way. They decided to follow their orders by Kerlin Ward and prepare the Inner Sphere for the coming of the Clans. In this they became a special blend of Inner Sphere and Clan ways, forging a new way all their own.

Harebrained Schemes: Operation Alpha Strike

Attention on deck! Attention on deck! Attention on deck!

>>> On September 29th, at 10:00am Pacific, Harebrained High Command will initiate a FULL-SCALE INVASION of Kickstarter, using the full force of the Global BattleTech Community.

Join the #BATTLETECH #Kickstarter Invasion! 9.29.15 – Alpha Strike commences 10am PDT

End Transmission <<<<

GenCON 2013

IMG_20130815_074051_207Well my first GenCon is in the bag. What to say about it. Holy crap is there a lot going on! I was down with the Minneapolis Virtual World crew from Fallout Shelter Arcade. A HUGE Thank You to Cyd, Pooka, Hyena, and Murrmur for letting me tag along. Had a great time working the podbay and meeting so many great people. 341 mission drops in 4 days, we saw lots of people…

Our group survived our True Dungeon experience. This was also a first for me and was very interesting and alot of fun. Missed one puzzle room (still miffed about that…) but we made it out alive. Highly recommend trying a True Dungeon if you get the chance.

Only gaming event I made it to was the Battletech Bloodnamed tournament. Thank you to James and Jeremy for putting that on. The event ran very smoothly and was fun. Awesome group of guys participating in the event which really made it that much more enjoyable. Most epic death in a game was provided 15 minutes in by one of my crew. If you see Hyena, ask him about it. I will get him to write up a little something or see if we can’t get him to post it on their Facebook page.

All in all a very good trip. I went with no expectations just to try and take it all in which is something one can’t do. Next time I attend I will schedule a few more things out and get to the tables a bit more. I only met a fraction of the BT players there and I want to make sure I fix that next time.

A big thank you to Chris for hooking me up with awesomeness, black and red Wolf’s Dragoon Dice!!

And final note, for those that took the extra time and went the extra mile for their costumes, thank you. They were all a site to behold (even the train wrecks… :)).


Getting pretty excited. Going to GenCon this year, my first. I have the great pleasure of attending the convention with my cousin and the seasoned veterans and good friends from Fallout Shelter Arcade. Couldn’t have my first run without my boys… (and girls).