Premier Tournament

This page will outline further an Alpha Strike 350 Premier Event.

The Alpha Strike Core Tournament rules can be found here.

For Gencon 2023 we will have our first 2 day tournament! We will have 48 players on day 1 competing in 5 rounds for a top 8 cut to be completed on day 2 in 3 rounds of play.
For those that don't make the top cut, don't be discouraged! We will be running a doubles tournament along side the Top Cut players in a 3 round tournament to find a doubles champion!

Everyone will be able to play for 2 days if you desire! We want to provide for you all the maximum play experience for your investment in us and time.

May the dice be forever in your favor!.

This format is specifically for structured and organized events. The rules set in Premier are to make sure that there is a level playing field and make the game visually appealing. This is intended to draw outside attention and grow the game, as many of these Premier events will take place at conventions and game stores.

AS:CE Optional Rules used for Premier Events

  • Artillery Support. (pg 54,56)
  • Terrain (pg. 56-60)
  • Large Units (pg. 64)
  • Special Abilities (pg. 76- 91) *
  • Crippling Damage (pg. 127)
  • Non Infantry Unit Cover: Page 139 **
  • Low-Altitude Drops: Page 160
  • ECM/ECCM: Page 161
  • Multiple Attack Rolls: Page 175
  • Scatter Rules for Troop Drops: Page 181
  • Some Special Abilities have restrictions. See
  • Army Restrictions.
  • (page numbers may change due to newer editions)

** Destroyed units are removed from the battlefield during the End Phase (step 0).

LVO Best Painted by Alexander Darst

Players are expected to come to every tournament or event with a painted 350 army. This is to make sure the game looks amazing and draws in new players to the game. We also don’t want to turn away new players that are just getting into the game, or players who just don’t have the time to paint their armies.

In order to strike a balance, at the Premier Level, all armies that are not painted to the specifications listed below will not be able to advance to the Championship Rounds after the initial Swiss Rounds.

In order to be considered to have a valid painted army, there must be a concerted effort to paint a model with a minimum of 3 colors. Judges will have the final call on whether or not a painted army meets the requirement to advance on to the Championship Rounds of any Premier level tournament. Remember not everyone is Brushido.

Table at LVO

Each miniature must be of the same chassis printed on the card used by the player. The
miniature is not required to be the same variant. The only exception to this rule is if there is not an official miniature made for a legal unit chosen in an Army. In this case, use a legal miniature which closely resembles the unit. Any miniature including Mechwarrior Online, Mechwarrior: Dark Age Clix, or any 3D-printed models) not sold by or officially licensed by Catalyst Game Labs or Iron Wind Metals is prohibited.

All miniatures and models must be attached to an 1.25″ hex base that also has the front of the unit indicated clearly on one side of the hex. Units that are larger or do not fit on a 1.25″ hex base must be modified in order to visually see and measure to the base. Only Super Heavy Units are allowed to use a 2” hex base or the 4 hex base made specifically for Super Heavies.

King of the Hill

Miniature Modification
All Models must consist of 80% of the original model.
Models must be in an upright actionable pose.
Jumping mechs are allowed but will have LOS to the jumping pose at all times.
Jumping miniature(s) must have j type.