Alpha Strike Core Tournament Rules

We are excited to announce the official release of our Alpha Strike Core Tournament Rule set.

What you will find a standardized way of creating an Alpha Strike army meant for people to come together and starting rolling dice. With this we have removed the need for discussion on Era, Tech Level, Clan, Inner Sphere, etc, etc… Show up with your Army, pick your list, and start rolling dice.

This system is extremely flexible as well. Say you have 3 people show up you can each take 100 PV from your Army List and play head-to-head or two people could team up and play with a 100/100 vs 200 battle.

Also within these pages are rules for conducting Alpha Strike Tournaments at your local game store or Conventions. You will follow the same Army Construction rules but have additional requirements for Paint, Poses, and Proxies.

You can download the v2.3 rules here.

NOTE!! Don’t forget the Errata below!


The WolfNet Alpha Strike 350 Errata: all current rules can be found in above 2.3 rule set.

Double Tournament Rules

We have had lots of requests about our doubles format we have been developing. You can find the working document here.