WNRP Ep. 31: “Hot Sauce” makes everything better

Wolfnet is happy to finally have Kevin Witt, aka Brushido aka Hot Sauce on the show with us to discuss Painting Techniques, proper Brush Care, as well as many…. many other things  😀  

Sit down, grab a drink of your choice and enjoy the show! Be sure to check us out on Facebook PageYoutube Channel, and also join our Patreon.

Also Check out Brushido and other great CSO artists at camospecs.com

Cast Members

Host: Matthew “Bloodbath” Behrens

Co Host: Andrew “Minnow” Krull

Co Host: Aaron “Coach” Krull

Co Host: Charles Gideon

Co Host: Thomas “Silent C Raven” Kruger

Special Guest: Kevin “Hot Sauce” Witt

Scrumbler Brush: Found Here

This Episode is proudly sponsored by Ares Games and Miniatures. You can find everything you need for your Battletech addiction at https://ariesgamesandminis.com/