It’s back….

This is one of the more exciting updates I have had because this is something I have wanted for some time. I got in touch with the guys that had been running the site specifically for their AS Forcelist page to help print AS cards/sheets.

The genius behind this, El_Spectre gave me his blessing to host the code and allow this awesome tool to live again here at Wolf’s Dragoons. If you get a chance, give him a shout out over on the BT forums.

Alpha Strike Lance Packs and Box Set – Camacho’s Caballeros

The final installment of my Alpha Strike Company series. These were some of the mechs that were left over and thought I would figure out a way to put them together. This is by no means the last company (I have more mechs!) but this is the last that I have currently configured. Again the goal of this project was to create Alpha Strike Companies using only the Lance Pack and Box Set plastic mechs. Secondary goal was to create companies that are balanced and have flavor. Since I am a mercenary at heart, I felt I would end this with another mercenary company. One of my favorite units the 17th Recon Regiment or otherwise known as Camacho’s Caballeros.

Atlas – AS7-D = 52
Quickdraw – QKD-4G = 30
Cicada – CDA-2A = 16
WTH-1 Whitworth – 26 = 124pts

Banshee – BNC-3E = 38
Catapult – CPLT-C1 = 33
Dragon – DRG-1N = 30
Panther – PNT-9R = 20 = 121pts

JagerMech – JM6-S – 26
Enforcer – ENF-4R – 27
Spider – SDR-5V – 16
Spider – SDR-5V – 16 = 85pts

Totals for this company come to 330pts.


Wolf’s Dragoons vs. FWL – FIGHT!

I was fortunate enough to have a friend agree to start testing out my AS Companies. Tuesday night Wolf’s Dragoons went up against the FWL. We didn’t get a chance to finish the game but in my opinion it was going to end up a blood bath. I was pleased with how balanced and even things were progressing. Gives me hope that they should all play relatively well. Also giving a new base a tryout. I have been in talks with a guy on the forum who 3D printed the bases. I really, really like them. I think it will really help players keep track of their units on the field of battle. I am looking forward to getting the rest of the bases. He was kind enough to print up 24 in 7 different colors. House colors: red, blue, yellow, green, purple and Merc: black, silver. If you notice, there is a slot on the back of the base for a custom whatever, emblem, TMM, both, etc.

Sorry the mechs aren’t painted, I am working on that 🙂

20160308_195756 20160308_195808 20160308_195820 20160308_205023 20160308_205118 20160308_205126 20160308_205136 20160308_224909

Alpha Strike Lance Packs and Box Set – Capellan Confederation

Part 6 we have a Capellan Confederation company. This unit will be Warrior House Hiritsu.

Command Lance Pack
Cyclops – CP-10-Z = 34
Catapult – CPLT-C1 = 33
Cataphract – CTF-1X = 33
Raven – RVN-1X = 21 = 121ptscapellan_as

BattleMaster – BLR-1G = 40
Catapult – CPLT-C1 = 33
Vindicator – VND-1R = 28
Assassin – ASN-21 – 17 = 118pts

Vindicator – VND-1R = 28
Jenner – JR7-D – 20
Blackjack – BJ-1 = 27
Clint – CLNT-2-3T = 19 = 94pts

We have a total point value for this company of 333.

It has come to my attention that we have a Mission. is bringing awareness about a serious mental health condition that is plaguing our Veterans. Simply put:


While there is not much we can directly do to solve this we can help raise awareness. For instance our family has taken a pledge to do 22 push-ups for 22 days. We had a discussion with our children about Veterans and what they have had to go through. My father is a Veteran and I have many friends who are Veterans. We have many players in our Battletech group that are Veterans. I am proud of each and every one of them. Even those that don’t suffer from this condition need to know that we acknowledge their sacrifices for us and our Country. Please re-post and raise awareness about something that people are silent about. Let us help end this silent killer


Alpha Strike Lance Packs and Box Set – Lyran Commonwealth

Part 5 of my Alpha Strike Series we have a Lyran Commonwealth Company. I will be painting this unit as the 15th Arcturan Guards.

Battle Lance Pack
Zeus – ZEU-6S = 35
Banshee – BNC-3E = 38
Orion – ON1-K = 39
Hatchetman – HCT-3F = 21= 133ptslyran_as

Zeus – ZEU-6S = 35
Assassin – ASN-21 – 17
Hunchback – HBK-4G – 28
Trebuchet – TBT-5N – 27 = 107pts

Pursuit Lance Pack
Centurion – CN9-AH = 29
Wolfhound – WLF-1 = 22
Jenner – JR7-D = 20
Clint – CLNT-2-3T = 19 = 90pts

This company comes in at a total of 330pts.

Alpha Strike Lance Packs and Box Set – Federated Suns

Part 4 of my Alpha Strike Company Series I have a Federated Suns Company. I am going to be painting this unit up as the 4th Davion Guards.

Assault Lance Pack
Atlas – AS7-D = 52
Victor – VTR-9B = 37
Grasshopper – GHR-5H = 39
Blackjack – BJ-1 = 27 = 155ptsfedsuns_as

JagerMech – JM6-S – 26
Enforcer – ENF-4R – 27
Dervish – DV-6M – 30
Whitworth – WTH-1 – 26 = 109pts

Recon Lance Pack
Flea – FLE-15 = 13
Spider – SDR-5V = 16
Vulcan – VL-5T = 24
Cicada – CDA-2A = 16 = 69pts

Total points comes in at 333.

Alpha Strike Lance Packs and Box Set – Free Worlds League

Following up the Draconis Combine part 3 in my Alpha Strike Company series we have a Free Worlds League Company. This unit will end up in 1st Regulan Hussars colors.

Battle Lance Pack
Awesome – AWS-8Q = 39
Guillotine – GLT-3N = 37
Clint – CLNT-2-3T = 19
Cicada – CDA-2A = 16 = 111ptsfwl_as

Orion – ON1-K = 39
Grasshopper – GHR-5H = 39
TBT-5N Trebuchet – 27
HER-2S Hermes II – 21 = 126pts

Quickdraw – QKD-4G = 30
Centurion – CN9-AH = 29
Flea – FLE-15 = 13
Vulcan – VL-5T = 24 = 96pts

Totals for this company comes to 333.