Alpha Strike Lance Packs and Box Set – Camacho’s Caballeros

The final installment of my Alpha Strike Company series. These were some of the mechs that were left over and thought I would figure out a way to put them together. This is by no means the last company (I have more mechs!) but this is the last that I have currently configured. Again the goal of this project was to create Alpha Strike Companies using only the Lance Pack and Box Set plastic mechs. Secondary goal was to create companies that are balanced and have flavor. Since I am a mercenary at heart, I felt I would end this with another mercenary company. One of my favorite units the 17th Recon Regiment or otherwise known as Camacho’s Caballeros.

Atlas – AS7-D = 52
Quickdraw – QKD-4G = 30
Cicada – CDA-2A = 16
WTH-1 Whitworth – 26 = 124pts

Banshee – BNC-3E = 38
Catapult – CPLT-C1 = 33
Dragon – DRG-1N = 30
Panther – PNT-9R = 20 = 121pts

JagerMech – JM6-S – 26
Enforcer – ENF-4R – 27
Spider – SDR-5V – 16
Spider – SDR-5V – 16 = 85pts

Totals for this company come to 330pts.