4/2 OC Games and Comics – FIGHT!

Headed home this weekend and got a chance to setup a game at my cousin’s store. We played a lance on lance scenario with a twist, quicksand… surprise quicksand.

What we did was after your movement roll two D6, on any doubles, you ended up in quicksand. When this surprise happens you didn’t get to fire that round and you where considered ankle deep. Hex was marked as quicksand, any hex you had ended in before, didn’t have to roll.

Movement next round started with a skill roll if successful moved normally. If you have jump jets and used them, no skill role needed. If you failed, waist deep and +3 to modifier to fire while receiving partial cover.

Movement next round started with a skill roll +2, this is in consideration of afraid and being waist deep. If successful 2mp used to get out, move normally. If unsuccessful, you are swallowed whole, destroyed.

I ended up getting my Trebuchet mired and got to waist deep before getting out in round 6. I was a bit excited to break out of that situation.

I only took the one picture as we kind of got into it with the quicksand option. Every move was exciting.


Forces used:
Shogun SHG-2E – 46
Stalker STK-5M – 49 (Skill 2 +20pts)
Dervish DVR-6M – 30
Trebuchet TBT-5N – 27 = 172pts

Atlas AS7-D – 52
Victor VTR-9D – 42
Grasshopper “Gravedigger” – 41
Grasshopper GHR-5J – 42 = 177

In the end the Fire Support Lance ended up being too much. It was a complete loss for the Attackers while losing the Stalker and Trebuchet for the Defenders

A really fun and exciting game.