Alpha Strike Core Tournament Rule Set RELEASED!

Today is a great day. After almost 3yrs of brainstorming, writing, and playtesting we are proud to make available our Alpha Strike Core Tournament Rule Set.

For those that just want the rules click here.

I have been thinking back over the past couple years on the blood, sweat, tear, fights, disagreements, etc we as a group have gone through in our attempts to get out a fair, balanced, and most of all fun set of rules to help people come together and roll dice. The above rules remove the need for discussions on Era, Tech Level, Clan, Inner Sphere, etc, etc… Show up with your Army, pick your list, and start rolling dice.

These rules are also extremely flexible to allow large groups to quickly organize and start playing too. Want to play a team(s) game… easy. Pick an arbitrary PV (suggest multiples of 50) and form up teams and start playing. Flexibility was one of our requirements and I think we achieved that.

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Once there lookup and join our Discord server to get in on the discussions.

I would like to thank the entire WolfNet Radio Podcast group for all their hard work. It was a long arduous road but we found our destination.

I would also like to thank our podcast listeners and members on our Discord. This rule set is better because of the respectful, thoughtful and in depth conversations we had there.

Now, grab the rules, get your Army created and start rolling some dice.

WNRP Episode 13 – Blaine Lee Pardoe

So episode 13 happened! For the past couple of years Blaine and I have found each other at Gencon and have had great conversations about Battletech. At Gencon this year I asked Blaine if he would be open to talking about Battletech on the podcast.
This was a blast and thank you Blaine, looking forward to the next conversation.

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It’s back….

This is one of the more exciting updates I have had because this is something I have wanted for some time. I got in touch with the guys that had been running the site specifically for their AS Forcelist page to help print AS cards/sheets.

The genius behind this, El_Spectre gave me his blessing to host the code and allow this awesome tool to live again here at Wolf’s Dragoons. If you get a chance, give him a shout out over on the BT forums.

Alpha Strike Lance Packs and Box Set – Camacho’s Caballeros

The final installment of my Alpha Strike Company series. These were some of the mechs that were left over and thought I would figure out a way to put them together. This is by no means the last company (I have more mechs!) but this is the last that I have currently configured. Again the goal of this project was to create Alpha Strike Companies using only the Lance Pack and Box Set plastic mechs. Secondary goal was to create companies that are balanced and have flavor. Since I am a mercenary at heart, I felt I would end this with another mercenary company. One of my favorite units the 17th Recon Regiment or otherwise known as Camacho’s Caballeros.

Atlas – AS7-D = 52
Quickdraw – QKD-4G = 30
Cicada – CDA-2A = 16
WTH-1 Whitworth – 26 = 124pts

Banshee – BNC-3E = 38
Catapult – CPLT-C1 = 33
Dragon – DRG-1N = 30
Panther – PNT-9R = 20 = 121pts

JagerMech – JM6-S – 26
Enforcer – ENF-4R – 27
Spider – SDR-5V – 16
Spider – SDR-5V – 16 = 85pts

Totals for this company come to 330pts.