Alpha Strike Army Construction Rules v1

So I have been kicking around this idea of creating a set of rules to govern creating an Alpha Strike “army” for use in a tournament setting. The goal here is to find or create a baseline for constructing your army where people can show up and hopefully be competative without having the need for deep knowledge or tricks to break the system.

Once we have a baseline for creating competitive armies, we can start to break them.

Each player must create an army of no more than 350 combined Point Value Army that may consist of the  following: Battlemechs, Omnimechs, Industrial mechs, Protomechs*, Combat Vehicles of any type (Tracked, Wheeled, Hover, VTOL, WiGE, Naval, Submarine etc), All types of Conventional Infantry and Battle Armor are allowed for Army construction.

*5 Protomechs are considered 1 unit. When you decide to use Protomechs in your scenario, you must take all 5. 

Army Composition:

All units must be a valid unit on the Master Unit List (MUL) located at

Armies may consist of Inner Sphere and Clan technology or a mix there of.

When choosing multiple units of the same chassis, use the “Rule of 2.” You may have 2 of any unit in your army. Once you have 2 units of a given chassis, you may not take more of that chassis. This includes differing variants. 

Example: Bobby needs to move his troops around the battlefield and chooses to use a Bandit Hovercraft Omni vehicle. Bobby likes the Prime and H variants. He could take two of either variant OR one of each. With that choice made, Bobby can not choose to have any other Bandits in his army. 

The above example would follow any unit type allowed in the above construction rule list except Battlemechs, Omnimechs, and Industrial mechs. You may take two of these listed types of chassis but they must be different variants. 

Armies may not have more than 16 units total. Protomechs are counted individually. This is broken down further by:

  1. You may not have more than 8 total units of the combined unit types: Battlemechs, Omnimechs, Industrial mechs
  2. Concerning Combat Vehicles not more than 8 total combined units. This includes Tracked, Wheeled, Hover, VTOL, WiGE, Naval, Submarine etc.
  3. Conventional Infantry and Battle Armor you may have a total of 5 units
  4. Only 1 Protomech point is allowed. You must take 5 Protomechs while following the Rule of 2.

Any units with the following attributes may not be included in your army:

  1. Units with Rules Level rating of Experimental.
  2. Fictional Character variants. Any unit that is considered a Personal or “hero” unit, are not allowed. These units will have a proper name following the unit in either quotes or parentheses on MUL.
  3. Units with the Unit Type Aerospace, Support Vehicle, Advanced Aerospace, or Advanced Support

Pilot skill adjustments must be included in the units PV cost to reflect the increase or decrease of skill for that unit. The following must hold true:

  1. LIMIT: You may not have more than 2 units with a skill level of 2. Skill levels of 0 or 1 are not allowed.
  2. LIMIT: You may not have more than 2 units with a skill level of 7. Skill levels above 7 are not allowed.

No additional Special Abilities are allowed.

No formation bonuses are allowed.

No mines can be deployed. Units that have the MDS Special are allowed but are unable to drop mines.

No Artillery is allowed. Units with the Special ART* can be chosen but can’t make use of Artillery.

No specialty ammo can be taken.

To download the complete rules including the scenarios please click here.